This is a safe space where I promise to be real and vulnerable. I want this to be a raw outlet where others don’t have to walk in shame because they struggle with mental health, addiction, or the feeling of being “less than.”

There is grace, there is healing, and there is JOY in the arms of the Father, and in the determination you muster up within yourself to fight the good fight. Will your journey be easy? Absolutely not. But what good story doesn’t have it’s share of ups and downs? 

With transparency, these posts will reflect the lessons I’m learning, the growth taking place, and the intimacy I’m dancing in when I fix my eyes on Jesus Christ. Living with a purpose on purpose changed the game for me. And that purpose? It’s to choose life and God-provoked love each moment. Only when I lift my arms up in abandonment to Him, will the haze begin to clear and the journey of becoming a woman of divine passion come to light.